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Frigopanel has been established in 2005 for the purpose of manufacturing special design bodies for commercial vehicles. The objective of this firm is to manufacture practical vehicles that facilitate the product distribution and inventory process according to the sector commercial vehicle operators offer their services in. On the path we set forth in accordance with this objective, our firm has been born as a solution for a problem in required to be solved in the sector and our firm has been highly demanded since it was founded.

Our firm is doing updates and modifications in vehicle bodies as required and in accordance with today’s conditions for facilitating the product distribution process which is one of the key elements in our customer’s commercial activities. Thus, durable, quality and practical products for companies experiencing troubles in maintaining products that are easily spoiled during delivery and that are hard to be stored are presented. Every firm, either small or big, require these vehicles in order not to reduce the product quality during delivery. Frigopanel, operating devotedly in this field since 2005, is proceeding on its way with enough competency and capacity in terms of knowledge to produce a solution for customers’ demands in a short span of time.

With the experience built up over years, we are providing services in the best possible quality from the first stage of contact to the vehicle delivery.  We are carrying our work with exchanging ideas on the most preferred vehicle designs in the sector they are operating, vehicle sizes that will be required and vehicles with an ideal use. Therefore, we make sure that every one of our customers leave our firm with satisfaction and provide the opportunity to work together once again if required. We are completing the delivery with starting off by choosing the best design upon the approval of our customer in company with our R&D ream within the shortest time possible.  

We are applying favorite innovations that can facilitate your business life into our work by following the latest updates on the technology developing day by day. Thus, we are fully utilizing all opportunities the new technology provides us. This is one of the key factors that make us the best choice in the eyes of our customers’.

Especially for the firms that produce and deliver fruits and vegetables, firms in charge of delivering meat and meat products, companies offering services in medicine supply and various repair and maintenance firms, these vehicles are essential as they are required at any time during the day in the business process. You are able to deliver your products to your required destinations with the best quality by using the small and largest commercial vehicles we have specially designed for your company. Thus, you will both be able to provide a long-term work opportunity for your customers in terms of distribution and adduce an evidence showing that your firm is operating in accordance with its financial structure. Existing in the innovations at all times will make sure that your firm’s name won’t be taken off the agenda in this tough competitive market.

We are helping your firm to improve by all means through offering you this special service required in all sectors and making it available for you, our valued customers, to get your investments’ worth at all times. Frigopanel is working with the purpose of meeting customer satisfaction by completing all its works elaborately and timely at all times. If you also want to be a part of this quality, you can contact us and make your business life a whole lot easier and more professional.

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